Bolinas steps into the freebox

David Briggs

BOLINAS: Similar in nature to the freebox itself, Freebox Follies, the annual fundraiser for the community goods exchange, is a mishmash of performance art, music and a runway fashion show. Troubadour StuArt opened the evening with an account of how he arrived in Bolinas. It was the middle of night as he was sailing up the coast on a trimaran, when he went to edge of the boat to pee. A rogue wave swept him overboard and he soon washed up on Duxbury Reef wearing only tattered shorts. He made his way into town by moonlight and was directed to the freebox, where he picked up an complete but mismatched plaid suit. He then walked to Smiley’s, was given a cup of coffee, and invited to a young woman’s hot tub. The rest is history. At one point during the show, Jerry BoJeste, above, dressed as the Phantom of the Freebox, stumbled around the audience looking for his missing sock  while handing out “adult” Vitamin C—only to later realize he had passed out L.S.D. Models in couture, some made from freebox finds, walked the runway, and songs were sung while children danced. The event raised $1,500 for the community center.