Bolinas parcel tax awaits vote


Voters in Bolinas and Stinson Beach will vote Tuesday on a measure put forth by the school district that would renew a $250 parcel tax and increase it by $50. The district says the increase is necessary due to state and federal cutbacks and lower property values, in addition to the cost of inflation; even with the increase, however, district authorities say they will need to reduce expenditures. If the measure fails and the tax is not renewed, the district will be forced to downsize programs, including in the arts, physical education, counseling and support for non-native English speakers. The tax currently provides the school district with about $485,000 annually. A Bolinas resident, speaking anonymously, called such increases “really hard to stomach” and “always hard to agree to.” As someone who bought property in recent years, she pays more property taxes than those who have owned property for decades. She also noted that the state is dedicating much of its budget surplus to education. Nevertheless, she is planning to vote for it. “At the end of the day, it will benefit the kids in the school,” she said. The new tax would take effect on July 1, 2014 and would last six years, at which time the district would likely request a renewal.