Bolinas bookstore robbed again


A thief whose posterior was exposed to a surveillance camera stole the lockbox that collects donations at the Bolinas Book Exchange, where sales take place on the honor system, last weekend. A video posted to YouTube, which as of Wednesday morning had been viewed 85 times, shows the bandit, who had pulled his sweatshirt over his head, approach the box and rip it off the wall. He fell backwards from the force but quickly recovered himself. Bookstore owner Michael Rafferty wrote in Monday’s Hearsay News, of which he is an editor, that “The bookstore will be closed in mourning for the sorry life of this pathetic human being and until I can get another lockbox.” He said he expects to receive it in the mail by the end of the week. The video can be viewed at This isn’t the first time that the store has been burglarized; in 2007, Mr. Rafferty discovered that someone was pilfering money from a container where he kept the cash in the store. He subsequently replaced the container with a lockbox.