Bolinas author releases book


Jerry Mander, a leader in the anti-globalization movement, Bolinas resident and former advertising executive, will release a new book, “The Capitalism Papers: Fatal Flaws of an Obsolete System,” in July. Published by Berkeley’s Counterpoint Press, the 256-page book argues that capitalism, with its reliance on perpetual economic growth, is amoral and has reached its limit. “This book anticipates the final failure of the global economic project that we have lived by, accepted, and treated as if it were nearly a law of nature for more than two hundred years,” Mr. Mander writes in his introduction. Known for his earlier bestseller “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” and more recent “In the Absence of the Sacred,” Mr. Mander ends on a positive note,  with a discussion of the importance of smallness and locally-based systems, experiments in corporate structure, and research by new-economy think tanks. “Capitalism’s days are over, as it is inherently, intrinsically wrong, unworkable, over-expanded in a world of limited resources,” Mr. Mander said. “It is killing the planet and killing its people too. And, as Bill Moyers pointed out, we have got to learn to ‘name it.’ We can’t just call it ‘the system.’ We need to call it by its name, and understand its ingredients.”