Bolinas asked to curb water use


The Bolinas Community Public Utility District is asking town residents to immediately curb landscaping in light of a sharp rise in water use. District manager Jennifer Blackman attributed the increase to both the dry winter and people “losing their vigilance” in terms of water conservation. “This last weekend, it went way up,” she said. Although temporary water rationing in 2009, which limited households to 150 gallons a day, had a significant lasting impact in subsequent years, conservation has declined in 2013. While Ms. Blackman noted the surprise rains early this week were welcome and will temporarily allay the need for water used for landscaping, “I don’t believe it will make the kind of difference that will mean we don’t need to remind people that they need to be conserving water.” The most recent quarter showed water consumption at its highest point compared to the same time frame over that last six years.