Boat dock surfaces at Stinson


Shifting sand in Bolinas Lagoon has deposited a large wooden platform just north of Stinson Beach. The 20 by 25-foot structure, which resembles a large shipping palate, was reported to have been buried near the mouth of the lagoon before becoming unearthed two weeks ago. The structure bumped one boat out of its mooring and traveled through the lagoon before landing near Shoreline Highway, where it has lately served as a fishing dock. County officials have tied it down to prevent further movement. While seasonal shifting of the sand is normal, the lack of outward tidal flow in the lagoon is a reminder of accumulated sediment that has created shallows and dried out the wetlands to the north. “There is more sand this year than in past years—the boat channel is going under the homes that are on the water,” said Josh Churchman, a Bolinas fisherman. “This too has happened in the past, but it’s a big hassle now.” Some locals have called for dredging of the lagoon, but a working group headed by the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary is still seeking funding for the second of five phases of a restoration project that most likely will not include extensive dredging.