Black bear roams at Mount Tam


Marin Municipal Water District officials announced that a black bear is roaming on Mount Tamalpais land after one district employee and a couple of visitors reported large quantities of scat near Kent Lake. Apart from its size, the scat’s content was also consistent with the animal’s diet. “It had a lot of berries in it,” said Mt. Tamalpais Watershed Manager Mike Swezy. “This time of year when there are plentiful berries, they will go on that exclusively.” If the bear is spotted, Swezy said there will be no intervention unless it destroys a significant amount of property in search of food. “It takes awhile for a bear population to have those kind of encounters,” he said. Although Marin was once home to a sizeable population of black bears, sightings are now restricted to interlopers from populations further north. The last sightings in West Marin were in September, 2010 near the Bear Valley Visitor Center in Point Reyes National Seashore.