The best of times and the worst of times


The dance of the extremes is in full swing, with opposites whirling like the yin-yang symbol gone berserk. Drop-dead gorgeous clouds pass overhead while the storm vibration of a life-and-death crisis wells up beneath us. Where do we put our feet? Where do we put our faith? 

For the first time, the human race is consciously connected around the primordial theme of survival in real time. Surely that is significant. Many people discuss it this way—as a momentous achievement of unified consciousness crossing all boundaries. As our world transforms into faces peering over masks, we are eye to eye. The window to our souls is open.

I faced those faces several weeks ago, flying from Denpasar, Bali, to San Francisco. For over 30 hours I was immersed in the mask culture as my flights landed in Singapore and Taiwan on the way to the long leg over the Pacific. Everyone wore masks and many people were from countries where masks had long become normal. I felt a surge of affection for those whose eyes I briefly met. 

There is a metaphysical component to the coronavirus crisis that has not reached the category of news. I find myself pondering the question: Could the virus be a religious event? What is a religious event, anyway? Historically it seems to be one that breaks reality wide open, like a miracle. It leaves a permanent mark in the culture, often celebrated as a holiday. 

The events of this moment qualify for the world-will-never-be-the-same label. This is more than a political or environmental or even a natural sciences event. In many circles, it is a prophetic event announcing the end of one age and the dawn of another. It is also forcing a crack in the control mechanism denying that extra-terrestrial beings are involved with the destiny of Earth. News of the latter is coming through, and that is the source of the good news surrounding this survival crisis.

Metaphysicians and mystical scholars have plowed this turf for centuries. They created a wealth of scholarship describing the divine intelligence that exists throughout the universe and manifests in every form imaginable. We are being helped by intelligent life beyond this planet and much communication is flowing to describe and define that.

The liberation of Gaia from thousands of years of control by very dark forces is at hand. The virus will be defeated. In each of us, there is the seed of this elemental battle. Define it as you will: love versus fear, faith versus despair, trust versus cynicism, forgiveness versus blame. Even in these end-times circumstances, we are masters of our own destiny and, collectively, the masters of our planet’s destiny. It is good time to be alive.