Bank bends to village complaints


Wells Fargo has acceded to requests from the Point Reyes Station Village Association to modify the look of the only corporate-owned presence in town. To the bank’s plans to make a number of changes to the building, including the color of the awnings and outside walls, the association had two objections: the addition of six gooseneck lamps that would have illuminated two signs and an enlarged sign. “Since it is the only bank in town, residents know full well where the bank is located and who owns and operates it,” Ken Otter, president of the association, said in a letter to the county. Wells Fargo has also agreed to drop its plan to not only enlarge the sign that sits at the entry but to relocate it to the top of the building. The association believed the plans violated the community plan, which has seeks to preserve the town’s “unpretentious, rural appearance.” The project was officially approved Tuesday.