Art Rogers Family Album, January 12, 2017

Art Rogers


From top left to right: Marin County Sheriff’s Lt. Art Disterheft and Sgt. Wendell Travis on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. just past Balboa Ave.; residents standing on what remained below their houses on Redwood; Woody Crawley, of PG&E, at the bottom of Redwood, on Tomales Bay; Inverness Volunteer Fire Department in First Valley; Sheriff’s Sgt. Russ Hunt on the corner of Levee and Bear Valley Roads; Miss Laura’s classroom at Inverness School, with volunteers giving out food and supplies; the National Guard helping Alice Hall and her daughter Vivian Horick from the historic “D” Ranch cross the mud at the Inverness Store; Elizabeth Whitney, who temporarily published the Inverness Daily News out of the Inverness Firehouse; the National Guard used about six of these dump trucks to haul the mud out of Inverness; Sheriff’s Deputy Skip Richardson and the National Guard managed long lines of convoy traffic out of Inverness; Judy Procupek and family turned Manka’s Restaurant into a soup kitchen to feed flood volunteers and victims; the “convoys” from Inverness were the only way out.