Anne Dick’s new book of letters


Point Reyes Station Bed & Breakfast owner Anne Dick, a former wife of science fiction novelist Philip K. Dick, has released a new book under her publishing company Point Reyes Cypress Press. Letters of my Grandfather, Moses Perry Johnson, 1911—1928 traces a rich cross-section of the life Ms. Dick’s maternal grandfather through letters addressed to his eldest daughter in the early 1900’s. Sent to Ms. Dick by a cousin and arriving in a pile of “fragile brown envelopes” on her 70th birthday, the letters follow Mr. Johnson’s exodus from St. Louis, where he was a successful businessman, husband and father of eight to the West Coast to begin a new life with a chanteuse named Cynthia to whom he would later refer as his housekeeper during visits by his adult children). Mr. Johnson worked in a lumber camp in Washington, at a hotel in Yosemite and on a dam on the Merced River; his story offers readers a window onto a slice of history, bygone taboos and his enduring fatherly love. The book is available at, where readers can also purchase Ms. Dick’s 1995 Search for Philip K. Dick, which explores the man behind 44 novels (including five written in Point Reyes) known for their metaphysical, sociological and political themes, as well as descriptions of mental illness and altered states. “The real reason his books became so successful is because the world became so Dickian,” Ms. Dick once told the Light, using a term that is now science fiction shorthand for plots imbued with paranoia, but which are believable and even prophetic.