Alcatraz escapees still at large


Fifty years since their escape from Alcatraz on June 11, 1962, Frank Morris and brothers Clarence and John Anglin — the only men to escape from Alcatraz Island and remain unaccounted for — are still at large. The convicts were ages 35, 32, and 31 when they crawled their way though a tunnel dug with spoons and paddled to freedom on a raft constructed from 50 raincoats. Today the men would be in their 80s, and while they’re out of sight and mind to most in the United States, U.S. Marshal Michael Dyke is still trying to hunt them down. Mr. Dyke said that two out of three bodies in San Francisco Bay are recovered, statistically speaking, so if all three fugitives had died, two bodies would have been recovered — and they have not been. After combing through the 14 volumes of information accumulated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Dyke has a hunch that two of the men are alive. The anniversary of the escape has given him a chance to re-publicize the fact that all three men are wanted, dead or alive.