200 plan to leave Wells Fargo


By Saturday, some 200 or more West Marin residents plan to have withdrawn their funds from the Wells Fargo branch in Point Reyes Station. The residents, many of whom are involved in the ongoing Occupy Point Reyes protests, hope the act will signal to big multinational institutions such as the Seattle-based bank that they intend from now on to support the inflow—rather than the outflow—of dollars from West Marin. “If the 99 percent removes our funds from the major banking institutions to nonprofit credit unions, or to a more local community-oriented bank…we will send a clear message to the 1 percent that conscious consumers won’t support companies with unethical business practices,” the group wrote in statement. Bing Gong, a local activist and organizer for the Occupy protests, said they have established a committee that is in conversation with a number of area credit unions, including Circle Bank and Redwood Credit Union, about bringing making their services more readily available to the community. Circle Bank has said that with enough support it could open an ATM in town within a matter of months, Gong said.