Vegetarian versus vegan

As we begin our journey toward a better and healthier plant-based lifestyle, we have a choice to make: Should we be vegetarian or vegan? And what’s the difference? A vegan is someone who follows a vegetarian diet—plants, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, legumes—that excludes meat, eggs and dairy products. A vegetarian,...

5G: Rollout or roll over?

The Marin General Services Authority quietly entered into a lease agreement with telecom giants Mobilitie/AT&T and Verizon in July 2017. The agreement allows for a dense distribution of hundreds of cell towers—known by the misnomer “small cell facilities”—throughout Marin County, including in unincorporated areas. The process did not include public...

Youth should speak up against supply and demand's brutal calculus

In his Sept. 13 column titled “Supply and demand, a simple but brutal concept,” Victor Reyes uses the metaphor of an apple vendor to illustrate the capitalist market principle of supply and demand. Given 10 apples and a variable number of consumers, prices will reach a market equilibrium. Simple economics...

Supply and demand, a simple but brutal concept

To illustrate the so-called law of supply and demand, let’s imagine I have 10 apples to sell. If 10 buyers are willing to give me $1 per apple, no problem; however, if I have only five buyers, I may have to convince each to take two apples at a lower...

All in with 100 percent renewable? Let’s reinvent our power grid

Last week, the California Legislature passed a law—S.B. 100, by Democratic Senator Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles—that would phase out our reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity by 2045. Governor Jerry Brown, long a champion of the need to respond to global climate change, is expected to sign...

Oferta y demanda, más allá de lo humano

Si tengo diez manzanas para vender y diez compradores dispuestos a darme un dólar por cada una no hay mayor problema; pero si sólo hay cinco compradores, para hacer negocio quizá tenga que convencerlos de que me compren dos manzanas cada uno, para lo cual sería buena idea ofrecerlas a...

Continued cooperation key for Arab-Israeli peace

In 1998, my wife and I visited the Palestinian city of Hebron. We had come to see the Cave of Machpelah, the Biblical tomb of the Hebrew patriarchs and matriarchs. Upon exiting the tomb, we entered the city.We stepped into a wide, dusty street with elevated wooden sidewalks. It looked...

Talking about race in West Marin

Every few days, news outlets and social media expose another white person’s vexation with the presence of unarmed, non-violent, non-white people in public spaces. White adults tremble at the sight of black men and women at Starbucks or exercising at the gym, playing golf or checking out their Airbnb rental,...

López Obrador’s resounding triumph in Mexico

Against all odds, Andrés Manuel López Obrador—or AMLO, as he is called—was overwhelmingly elected President of Mexico on July 1. November polls had him leading by one digit, and by March he was ahead by around 10 points. Then, on the eve of the election, the most optimistic surveys gave...

Arrollador triunfo de López Obrador en México

Contra todo pronóstico a favor y en contra en las elecciones presidenciales del pasado 1 de julio en México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) triunfó arrolladoramente. En noviembre, las encuestas lo favorecían por un dígito. Para marzo, la diferencia rondaba los 10 puntos. En vísperas de la elección, los más optimistas le daban de 17 a 22 puntos, pero dudaban del resultado. Con un alta participación (63.50%) y a pesar de dudas y trampas, el conteo final fue de 53.17% para AMLO, del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena), 22.27% para Ricardo Anaya (¡una diferencia de más de 30 puntos!), de la coalición liderada por el Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), y 16.43% para José Antonio Meade, de la coalición del oficialista Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), la peor derrota de su historia.