Attendant controls crowds at Palomarin

CROWDS: A parking attendant for the National Park Service guided cars into position at the Palomarin Trailhead on Sunday. The position was created this summer to deal with the increasing crowds, and will continue until further notice.

Pine Ridge Indians visit Woodacre to learn about healthy eating

HEALTHY LIVING: Woodacre resident Avis Licht handed out samples of cherry tomatoes while giving a tour of her garden to visitors from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on Saturday. The tour was a follow up to a visit Ms. Licht, and her husband, Avis, made in June to the reservation...

Bread making workshop at Brickmaiden

BREAD: Brickmaiden Bread’s Celine Underwood led eight people through the sourdough-making process—mixing, shaping and baking naturally yeasted breads and working with different grains—in a workshop on Sunday at the bakery. More workshops are planned for the spring.

Surf and sound session in Bolinas

TRASH AND MUSIC: Leila Monroe, the owner of Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, and Matt Lundy scoured Bolinas Beach on Sunday as part of a weekend of music in town and trash cleanup on local beaches. The events are hosted by the saloon approximately every two months.

Mexican Independence Day at the town commons

CELEBRATION: Elvira Xaxni painted the Mexican flag, and then cupcakes on other kids’ hands, at a Mexican Independance Day Celebration at the Town Commons last Saturday, while bands played music and traditional dishes were served.

Two fires burn over holiday weekend

Two separate grass fires broke out in Marshall and Nicasio over Labor Day weekend. At around midnight Sunday morning, fire crews fought a 10-acre blaze in Nicasio that flared up after a super-charged electrical line experienced an intense power surge—what PG&E calls a “fire ball.” Though a connection was not...

Magic wand making workshop in Bolinas

ART: Jonathon Levine paraded his rattling scepters through Bolinas on Tuesday, enticing people to join his magic wand making workshop. The Pacifica-based artist gave up photography and painting—more traditional arts—to pursue a free-form medium requiring less intervention from the right side of the brain. At his workshop in the community...

Adult story time at the Inverness Library

STORIES: The first meeting of the Inverness Library’s adult story time, TellTales, began with a story about wood rats, and ended with an excerpt about Japanese mail order brides. The forum, which librarian Ann Bertucci is hoping to turn into a podcast, is open for anyone to share any form...

Trash dumped on roadways

DUMPING: Trash piles appeared on the side of the road in at least two places in West Marin immediately after a metal recycling dumpster at the Green Barn, misused by some residents, was removed. One dump, on Mesa Road in Point Reyes Station, included three television sets, which contain ecologically...

Bicycle graffiti continues

BICYCLES: Graffiti art produced a month ago on numerous West Marin roads has expanded to include commentary on the recent, suspected purposeful collision between a vehicle and bicycle.