Quake device hits Inverness

The Inverness Public Utility District is participating in a seismic monitoring program sponsored by the United States Geological Survey, the district announced last week. During earthquakes, a small seismograph the size of a shoebox bolted to the floor in a storage closet at district headquarters will send seismic data through...

Nicasio debuts oil-saving trucks

This Friday, three trucks employed by West Marin Compost and Lunny Grading and Paving will become the first in the state to be outfitted with devices that filter and clean engine oil while the truck is running. Kevin Lunny said he stumbled upon the technology, developed by the company OnBoard...

Tomales Bay mariculture forum

While the largest oyster supplier in Marin County is fighting for its survival, oysterman and restaurateur Luc Chamberland envisions an expansion of mariculture in Tomales Bay. Mr. Chamberland, owner of Saltwater Oyster Depot in Inverness and founder of Pickleweed Point Community Oyster Farm, is promoting Farming on the Half Shell,...

Inverness group polls locals

The Inverness Association has begun a fundraising and membership drive in advance of an annual meeting on July 13. As part of its campaign, the eight-decade-old advocacy group, which has shrunk to 240 members from a peak of 600, is polling residents, visitors and business owners to find out how...

Marin ag groups parse Coastal Act with regulators

In a rare appearance in Marin County, the California Coastal Commission sought feedback Wednesday on the agricultural regulations at the heart of its voter-mandated mission to preserve, protect and restore the shoreline from sweeping development and environmental degradation. Nearly all of Marin’s coast is protected from development by national park ownership or agricultural land-use policies endorsed by the Coastal Act, the 1976 state policy that empowered the coastal commission to have quasi-judicial regulatory authority over land use as much as several miles from the coast, from Stinson to Dillon Beach. West Marin’s coastal agricultural operations—not to mention other proposed and existing developments—are often bound by the controversial decisions made by politically...

Watchdog criticizes library oversight

In its first report on libraries in more than a decade, the county’s independent watchdog said the financially strapped Marin County Free Library must develop clearer plans of how to fund its operations and do a better job consulting with its employees and the public about how it spends taxpayer...

Dance on Mount Tamalpais

The 33rd Annual Planetary Dance, which will take place on Sunday, June 2, is calling for peace among people and with the Earth. The main event starts at 11 a.m. at Santos Meadow in Mount Tamalpais State Park, where people can commit themselves to supporting a peaceful planet during a simple dance accompanied by drums. The Planetary Dance Association also asks attendees to bring food and utensils for the potluck celebration. The dance originated after six women were murdered on the mountain. A group of community members performed a dance in the areas where the women died; a few days later the serial killer was caught. A Huichol shaman instructed the participants that, in order to truly purify the mountain, the dance must take place for the next five years.

Muir Beach closing for work

Muir Beach will close sometime in late June through November for construction and restoration, as the parking lot and pedestrian access routes are realigned and resurfaced and new restroom and picnic facilities installed. The efforts are part of a National Park Service project to restore the creek’s ecology and create habitat for endangered and threatened species. This phase of the project, which began in 2009, will realign the parking lot in order to allow a channel of Redwood Creek to connect to floodplain and continue invasive-species management and native-plant revegetation. The beach will be closed to all except people hiking through from other areas.

Trails challenge in seashore

Strap on your hiking boots or running shoes because registration is now open for the 2013 Point Reyes Trails Challenge, organized by the Point Reyes National Seashore Association in partnership with the National Park Service. The trails challenge is a four-month, self-paced “hike-a-thon” and community fundraiser for park trails that...

Inverness batter pleads not guilty

A freelance photographer has pleaded not guilty to charges that she attempted to kill a housemate at her Inverness Park home. Marin Sheriff’s Office officials said 26-year-old Kelsey Winterkorn beat Sasan Dresden with a bat as he slept on the morning of March 11 and then repeatedly crashed her van...


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