Father-daughter duo starts mini-performance series

Veteran thespians Shelley Rugg and her father, Ken Rugg, will host a monthly variety show in the Dance Palace Church Space open to anyone interested in performing on stage, starting Monday, Feb. 23. The program’s title, 10x10 Performance Lab, describes its format: each month, 10 groups or individual performers (of...

Seal expert says agency ignored his findings

A scientist told a national magazine that a federal agency changed his analysis of photographs of Drakes Estero to justify a claim of environmental harm against Drakes Bay Oyster Company, which ceased operations last month. Brent Stewart, who has been a senior research scientist at Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute for decades,...

Tomales sewer charge raises new questions

At last Wednesday’s monthly meeting, the directors of the Tomales Village Community Services District received two visitors, both of whom raised concerns over how the district has been conducting its business. The first to address the board was Gary Goelitz, a consultant hired by the service district to evaluate operations...

Finding oysters in Drakes Estero, park questions evacuation

Drakes Bay Oyster Company and the National Park Service just do not agree: the company says it removed all cultivated shellfish from Drakes Estero by the Dec. 31 deadline, the park says it did not. During surveys conducted this month, Point Reyes National Seashore staff claim they found oysters under...

Seashore chooses 
herbicides in dune plan

Herbicides are the best option for killing invasive beachgrass and iceplant on 600 acres of coastal dunes in the Point Reyes National Seashore, according to an environmental assessment...

Rare pygmy whale beaches at Abbotts Lagoon

Since last Thursday afternoon, when hikers in the Point Reyes National Seashore found a five-foot whale washed up on the coastline near Abbotts Lagoon, scientists have been wondering why a rarely seen species beached on Marin shores with no obvious cause. The juvenile male pygmy sperm whale did not show signs presented by most beached members of its species...

Olema water bond paid 
off after four decades

Olema residents have finally paid off a 40-year, $70,000 water bond, the North Marin Water District announced last week. The bond was issued in 1975 when voters decided to switch their water-service provider from the Olema Water Company—a private group—to the water district. The Farmers Home Administration agreed to purchase...

Coastal Commission 
rejects Cowgirl barn appeal

Inverness resident Bridger Mitchell failed to sway the California Coastal Commission to review a permit issued by the county for a 23-foot tall office building in downtown Point Reyes Station, a height he argued was not allowed for accessory structures under the county’s current Local Coastal Program. In an appeal...

Citing shrinking student body, Tomales football drops down

This coming season, the Tomales High School football team will play games with eight men on each side of the ball instead of the traditional 11. The football program failed to sign up enough players to field a junior varsity team last year, forcing most of the varsity team’s starters...


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