Vaccination rates rise in Marin—though out west, not so much

Many parents at Lagunitas and Bolinas-Stinson Union School Districts appear to be holding firm in their refusal to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases such as chicken pox, Hepatitis B and measles, despite a new California law passed last year that...

Safety concerns prompt traffic study at Stinson

A forthcoming Caltrans study of traffic on Highway 1 at the elementary school campus in Stinson Beach could result in a flashing beacon on weekday mornings and afternoons, when students arrive and depart, according to a Caltrans spokesman. The light would remind speedy motorists that elementary students and preschoolers from...

Conference highlights women, money and spirit

The idea that people can have a spiritual relationship with money may seem counterintuitive to some, but not to Kate Levinson. “For me, having a spiritual relationship with money means recognizing that I am part of larger whole—my local and the global communities—and that I can relate to money, and...

Bottlenose dolphins, new denizens of Dillon Beach

“It’s sort of common knowledge in Dillon Beach that they’re out there now,” said Tom Thornley, a longtime resident of the tiny village. He was talking about bottlenose dolphins. The bottlenose dolphin, a roughly six to 12-foot cetacean that can live for 50 years, usually reside in southern California water...

Trial begins for Lawson’s Landing shooter

Last March, 19-year-old Stachaun Jackson was shot dead outside the Dillon Beach trailer home where he had been paying weekly visits to a pair of older men. The teenaged Mr. Jackson was known as a “free spirit” in the Dillon Beach community; handsome and friendly, his violent death left many...

EAC joins suit against pest plan

A state program to guide the eradication of invasive plant pests circumvents the public process and could have grave ecological consequences, according to a lawsuit filed last week by the City of Berkeley and a suite of environmental organizations, including the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin. The lawsuit, filed...

At Dance Palace town hall, enthusiasm for change palpable

The overwhelming message from the organizers of the Dance Palace Community Center town hall meeting on Tuesday was clear: the center’s directors want to listen. And based on the turnout—roughly 100 people showed up, compared to 29 at last year’s...

Lagunitas must brace for cuts, superintendent says

The Lagunitas School District needs to cut between $170,000 and $200,000 from its yearly budget if it wants to end ongoing deficit spending and avoid falling below reserve requirements, superintendent John Carroll told a newly formed finance committee this month. The county has asked to see a rough outline of...

Concert inspired by 
feminist author’s notes

About 11 years ago, Jesse Olsen Bay found pieces of white and blue typewriter paper covered in hand-written notes and patchworks of poetry and prose written by his grandmother, the award-winning American author and activist Tillie Olsen, while he was helping her move to Oakland. She called them her “blueys.”...

Dismal return for Lagunitas salmon blamed on ocean

This year’s coho salmon run is coming to a “disappointing end” after a robust start early this winter, according to Eric Ettlinger, the aquatic ecologist for the Marin Municipal Water District, a result he attributed to above-average ocean mortality. The coho have made 110 gravel nests, known as redds, so...


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