Toxin halts shellfish harvest

High levels of a dangerous biotoxin produced by algal blooms has prompted a prohibition of recreationally harvested mussels, clams and scallops in Tomales Bay south of Nick’s Cove. It is the first time the toxin, which typically closes non-commercial harvest during summer months, has appeared in winter in the inner...

Shoreline considers Latino 

Shoreline Unified School District board trustees are weighing the merits of appointing a Latino liaison to facilitate engagement with the district’s growing Spanish-speaking population. The idea made its way onto the board’s agenda after Avito Miranda’s campaign for trustee called attention to the lack of Latino representation on the board...

Wood-burning ban sets record

For nearly two weeks, there’s been no yule log and no chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Though the weather outside is frightful, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District banned wood-burning fires for 11 consecutive days, an unprecedented streak that surpassed the total number of days all last year...

Miss June returns to the stage with her trio, Kai Xin

She’s been June McCrory, June DiMorente and June Juna, but on a late Sunday morning, as the winter sun poured over the downtown commons and gave her respite from the chill of her Inverness Park home, June said she had outgrown these past iterations of herself. She would prefer to...

Bolinas raises funds for typhoon

A group of Bolinas artists are raffling their works to raise funds for two families devastated by the typhoon that struck the Philippines last month. Relatives of Jing Ferlinghetti and Anita Henry live in remote villages hit hard by the deadly storm, which killed more than 6,000 people. Judy Molyneux,...

Kinsey to serve year as CCC chair

The California Coastal Commission unanimously voted Supervisor Steve Kinsey, who has been the state agency’s North Central Coast regional commissioner since 2011, as chair on Wednesday. Mr. Kinsey, a Forest Knolls resident who served as vice chair before his new appointment, will serve as chair for one year, during which...

Drone flights begin over the bay

Morning gusts hitting Sacramento Landing on Wednesday herded three employees from the United States Geological Survey into the back of a truck and delayed drone flights over Tomales Bay for a scheduled waterbird survey. With little else to do (besides chomping on oyster pizza from last night’s dinner at Osteria...

Changes in air traffic renew plea to move flights off Point Reyes

Fears that growing airline traffic and new satellite-based flight control will amplify the noise of planes crossing Marin airspace, particularly over what many believe should be peaceful parkland, has prompted the county’s Board of Supervisors to renew an effort to reroute planes offshore. The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting environmental assessments of proposed changes to 21 metropolitan areas with heavy traffic as part of its NextGen program. Those changes will result in a nationwide switch from ground-based navigation aids like the one on Mount Vision to satellite and radar. The review of the Northern California Metroplex, which includes the San Francisco, San José, Oakland and Sacramento airports, is due for completion in 2014. It provides the perfect window for Marin to entreat the F.A.A. to evaluate rerouting...

Newspaper publisher shines light on West Marin’s past

Dave Mitchell watched as the “evening bird show” began late Saturday afternoon. His partner Lynn Axelrod, a reporter for The Citizen, had scattered birdseed across the deck’s railings and table, drawing flocks of fowl ready for feeding time. At a rough count, Mr. Mitchell has watched some 13,400 West Marin sunsets (and a fair share of sunrises) since he built his cozy version of Xanadu on a Point Reyes hillside. The scene through the cabin’s large windows appears today almost the same as the afternoon he and his ex-wife Cathy moved in. Different birds come and go with the seasons, and the sun may fall a bit further north or south, earlier or later in the day. But it’s always beautiful—the backlit jays and blackbirds, the light over Inverness Ridge and the small community below that Mr. Mitchell came to love during his quarter-century as editor and publisher of The Light....

Muir Beach pushes back on GGNRA

How best to preserve the famed redwoods of Muir Woods National Monument is a question that’s been visited and revisited ever since William Kent donated the land to the government close to a century ago. Now the park’s federal guardian, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is facing criticism from neighbors that the demands of recreators may be trumping the protection of natural resources. Recent proposals to construct a 180-space parking lot on Panoramic Highway and a reservation system for those visiting the monument by car and public transport triggered complaints in southern Marin, including in the adjacent community of Muir Beach, where some also cite a lack of transparency and general indifference to the community’s needs. Gerry Pearlman, a longtime Muir Beach resident who was reelected...


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