With MALT protection, ranch aims for cheese

The 623-acre Thacher Ranch, a parcel near Marin’s border with Sonoma known to many as Rocky Canyon Ranch, is the latest ranch to be safe-guarded from the pressures of estate development after the Marin Agricultural Land Trust closed on a $1.8 million agricultural conservation easement, the nonprofit’s 73rd easement in...

Point Reyes man jailed after injuring cyclists

A 35-year-old Point Reyes Station resident was sentenced to nine months in jail last week after he crashed while under the influence of a controlled substance on the Point Reyes-Petaluma Road in September 2013, injuring two bikers and closing the road for a day. Early on a Saturday morning around...

Muir Beach says take shuttles off Highway 1

County shuttles that relay people to and from Muir Woods are supposed to alleviate traffic congestion near the famous monument, but residents of Muir Beach say shuttles pose hazards for drivers and cyclists along narrow, winding Highway 1. After a lively discussion at its regular meeting last Thursday—attended by Supervisor...

Penalties increase for open space preserves

To increase compliance with laws protecting Marin County’s Open Space, county supervisors on Tuesday recommended increasing the penalties for 11 violations on the court’s bail schedule. Eight of the offenses will be upped from infractions to “wobblettes,” a legal term for wobbling between an infraction and misdemeanor; three others appear...

Teachers ask to renegotiate class sizes, salaries at Lagunitas

The Lagunitas Teachers Association has asked to renegotiate three critical pieces of its contract, including compensation and class sizes. Though reopening contracts isn’t necessarily out of the ordinary, the request comes after five years of deficit spending by the district, which expects it will fail to meet state-mandated requirements for...

Outsiders say keep elk, 
not ranches

The National Park Service received more than 3,000 comment letters on the preparation of a plan that will govern the future of West Marin’s dairy and cattle ranches in the Point Reyes National Seashore. The vast majority of opinions, sent from outside West Marin, denounced attempts to remove free-ranging herds...

Baby Gym taken off chopping block, thanks to school grant

Baby Gym, a Dance Palace Community Center program for babies and toddlers that has run for three decades, will return this Tuesday after it was cut this summer as part of an attempt to reign in a budget shortfall. The free program, which provides a space for parents and young...

Sunken steamer found in Point Reyes waters

A ship that wrecked off the coast of Point Reyes over a century ago was discovered this week with sonar equipment and remote-controlled video cameras, a victory in the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration’s two-year mission to find about 300 ships that have wrecked in the Gulf of the Farallones...

Portable classroom flies to Stinson campus

The flatbed trailers came barreling down from Vacaville, led by an escort—a truck that appeared miniature beneath the flapping flags, the streaming banner proclaiming “WIDE LOAD,” and the two halves of what would be Stinson Beach Preschool’s new classroom, each 12 feet by 40 feet. The convoy made its way down to Novato, west to Point Reyes Station, south past Olema and Dogtown along Highway 1 to Stinson Beach. (One wonders how the drivers navigated the Thirteen Turns.) The trailers and a...

Stall fee hike could stress farmers market

The Point Reyes Farmers Market could face a large uptick in fees under a bill on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. Authored by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, a Democrat representing Sacramento, and passed by the state legislature in August, A.B. 1871 proposes many changes for farmers markets: punishing deceptive claims about agricultural...


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