Creamery project gets approval, despite gripes

The county’s deputy zoning administrator approved Cowgirl Creamery’s use and coastal permit application for a 23-foot tall, two-story office and storage building in downtown Point Reyes Station, despite a flurry of public comment submitted days before a zoning hearing and a question during the hearing itself regarding the authority of...

Hearing set for Stinson flood evasion measure

The Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Nov. 4 before deciding whether to place a Stinson Beach special tax to fund flood control measures along Easkoot Creek on the ballot in March. The tax would be $250 for improved parcels, or $50 for unimproved parcels, and would...

Citizens’ network needs coastal weather monitors

One rainy day in Colorado in 1998, the weather radar failed. Though the storm was mild overall—particularly in urban areas, where weather gauges were stationed—certain canyons got over nine inches of rain. Flash flooding followed, and lives were lost. From this event, a network of volunteer weather watchers called the...

Shoreline will explore tax on development

Shoreline’s trustees initiated the process of levying fees for new construction within the district’s boundaries and decided to continue a discussion about cutting their own health benefits in a contentious three-hour meeting at West Marin School last Thursday. The board members also announced their intention to negotiate teachers’ health benefits...

DNA testing rejects human waste as source of bacteria on beaches

Fears that leaky septic systems had for years caused levels of fecal bacteria exceeding state standards for recreation at a ditch on Chicken Ranch Beach were put to rest last week, when cutting edge DNA test results ruled out human waste as the culprit. Scientists who analyzed the tests believe...

Teachers’ health benefits may be next Shoreline cut

Shoreline’s administrators won county approval for this year’s budget, but they are continuing to seek out possible reductions to eliminate structural deficit spending. Last Wednesday, the Marin County Office of Education gave their approval to a revised budget that contained $1.39 million savings based on 16 layoff notices the board...

Hikers find pot grow in state park

Two hikers in Samuel P. Taylor State Park this week spotted what looked like 20 marijuana plants, but a team of state rangers and two sheriff ’s deputies discovered about 1,000 when they went to investigate near an area called Crystal Springs, according to Lt. Doug Pittman, spokesperson for the...

Q&A: Film editor Walter Murch explores the science and art of physics

Walter Murch’s job is to make sure you don’t notice his work, practicing the invisible art of sound and film editing, or as he might describe it, maintaining the appearance of the dream. His daily routine consists of cobbling together individual photographic frames into moving images, from there into meaningful...

Brickmaiden Breads crowdfunds new oven

Brickmaiden Breads has launched a month-long, all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 (or more) towards the cost of a new oven...


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