Core standards tested by spring

The implementation of a new set of national educational standards in Marin schools has led teachers to stress informational texts and evidence-based composition in classrooms this year. The Common Core standards, newly adopted by 45 states, also bring a new approach to testing. California students will be given draft tests...

Humane society: Let dogs run free

The Marin Humane Society sent a frustrated letter earlier this month to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area over the proposed elimination of all but one of the park’s off-leash dog walking sites in the county. Society spokeswoman Carrie Harrington said that although it is important for pets to be...

School music teacher requested

Sixth-grade teacher David Whitney has asked Shoreline Unified School District’s board to not only reverse cuts that have been made to the music program at West Marin School but to employ a full-time music teacher, which would be a first for the school. At Thursday’s board meeting Mr. Whitney explained...

Well to mitigate salinity intrusion

North Marin Water District has struggled with salinity issues in its wells for decades because of their proximity to Tomales Bay. This month, it finally secured a $1.5 million grant to help remedy the problem by incorporating a new well into the system. The agency has observed salinity problems at...

Grand jury urges sheriffs to use cameras

Law enforcement officers should wear cameras to document every field interaction with the public, the Marin County Civil Grand Jury said in a report released last week. The report, “Get the Picture? Audiovisual Technology and Marin Law Enforcement” recommended point-of-view cameras that can be mounted on a police officer’s hat,...

Station House Café celebrates 40 years

As the loyal patrons of the Station House Café celebrate the restaurant’s 40 years this month, they might think of the establishment’s history as a microcosm of the town’s own evolution. As the region has grown from a quiet ranching community to a Bay Area foodie hub, the cafe has...

secures Rancho

After a difficult winter of drought, beef recalls and slaughterhouse closures, West Marin’s ranchers finally have some news to celebrate. Marin Sun Farms CEO David Evans is purchasing the embattled Petaluma slaughterhouse facility that centered in Rancho Feeding Corporation’s massive recall of 8.7 million pounds of meat earlier this month...

Organic pastures get break from USDA

The United States Department of Agriculture eased some organic certification requirements for Marin and 52 other California counties earlier this month at the request of two organic certifiers in the state. It’s the second exception in two years; Marin producers also got a reprieve back in 2012. The so-called variance,...

Nimans fight blanket recall

If there is one steak you can trust in a marketplace dominated by factory farming, it comes from Bill Niman’s 800-acre ranch in Bolinas. The owner of BN Ranch, Mr. Niman has toiled for decades to set the highest standards in the beef industry, verifying the source of all his cattle, spurning antibiotics and growth hormones and overseeing each animal’s slaughter and butchering. But no matter how many...

Nicasio seeking crisis water

The village of Nicasio does not lie far from Marin Municipal Water District’s second largest reservoir, but in times of drought, there is no succor to be had from the neighbor. The town, which is outside the district’s boundaries, relies solely on a couple hundred private wells. Now, as a few homeowners are facing urgent shortages, others are expressing interest in a collective emergency water supply. At a community meeting scheduled for Feb. 27, residents could approve the purchase of water in bulk; a longer-term solution that would likely involve Marin Municipal Water District is on hold during the drought, and the stresses it is placing on the district...


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