Salmon make last run of the season

Coho salmon appear to have made the season’s last run in creeks brimming with rainwater from recent storms. Marin Municipal Water District ecologists surveyed areas in Lagunitas and San Geronimo Creeks after flows subsided, counting roughly 200 more between the end of January and early February. The additional fish bring...

Grant available for newish artists

Emerging or mid-career visual artists in Marin County are eligible for a $25,000 grant from the Pirkle Jones Foundation. The fourth grant in the foundation’s history is meant to support a promising artist and may be used for any purpose, including living expenses. The deadline for application submittal is March...

Goodman on state science council

Biologist, biotech entrepreneur and Marshall resident Corey Goodman does not hesitate to lend his expertise to problems great and small. Before he became involved in the Drakes Bay Oyster Company debate, he helped locate the source of a virus contaminating Tomales Bay oysters and exposed a surreptitious plan to allow...

Supes critical of park’s dog plan

The Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on Tuesday critiquing the contentious and delayed plan to further limit off-leash dog walking in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The preferred alternative did not evaluate impacts on county parks from the imminent displacement of pet owners, and is generally too restrictive...

Commons to improve town corner

The nonprofit On the Commons, which runs the downtown commons, will soon undertake a renovation to liven up the open space, much of which is now covered in wood chips, said Steve Costa, a co-chair of the project. The design for the renovation has not been finalized but will use...

Drakes sued over water quality

A litigious nonprofit based in Sonoma County filed suit last week against Drakes Bay Oyster Company for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act that the farm says are unfounded and likely related to its fight with the federal government. California River Watch claims the farm is discharging biological waste...

Stinson considers water rationing

This Saturday the Stinson Beach County Water District will consider mandatory water rationing for the district’s 720 residential connections, as well as a resolution that would impose rationing on commercial users. Ed Schmidt, the district manager, said they will likely postpone action for another month so the board can evaluate...

John Nassrah, Bolinas benefactor, dies at 73

Whenever Samira Nassrah speaks of her late husband, she calls him, “my John,” a term of endearment for her partner of 26 years that conveys her loss in a way no slew of words ever could. “Nobody can replace my John. I mean it. I told everyone, not because he’s my husband, but because he’s such a nice guy,” she said tenderly. John Nassrah, who owned the Bolinas Market for almost four decades and acted as a benefactor to the community, both with donations of food and funds and community-wide parties he threw over the years, died in early January, at 73.

Rancho recalls a year's worth of meat

After nearly a century in business, the Bay Area’s last major slaughterhouse facility has once again closed its doors, for the second time in less than a month. Following a massive recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef and the launch of an investigation into potential criminal charges, Rancho Feeding Corporation in Petaluma has ceased its operations while they retrieve the meat. The financial burden of reimbursing clients could mean the plant may not reopen, multiple ranchers said, posing a threat to the region’s beef and dairy producers. Last month, the United States Department of Agriculture announced a recall of all cattle slaughtered...

Inverness family, bereaved, receives deluge of support

A memorial service for Roneil Laverne Powell, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 43 earlier this month, drew hundreds to the Dance Palace on Saturday. The church space filled quickly, so the crowd spilled into the lobby, huddled under tents or braved the rainy weather to remember the...


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