Stinson flood tax tally falling short of two-thirds majority

Stinson Beach voters appear to have shot down a parcel-tax measure that would raise $3.68 million over 20 years to fund Department of Public Works flood protection projects at Easkoot Creek, a major source of flooding in seaside neighborhoods. The measure would tack on a $250 tax on 707 improved...

West Marin School film wins second at ocean festival

“Isn’t the beach great?” one preteen asks another as friends cavort on the sands of Limantour Beach. Little do they know that one of their companions is about to turn into a trash monster: a screaming creature sporting a Viking-like horned helmet and is covered in litter. The trash monster...

Tomales elder handcuffed after wait she deemed too long

Accounts differ as to what exactly happened between Claire McElroy and California Highway Patrol officers on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 11, outside Tomales. The 78-year-old local claims a Sonoma County officer handcuffed her so forcefully that her hands bruised and bled; that was after waiting in her car for...

Haida Gwaii: Telling an indigenous people’s success story

Around the world, colonialism has imperiled indigenous languages, razed lands and eradicated entire cultures. But Inverness resident and longtime journalist Mark Dowie wants to turn the success of one people—from a North American archipelago into a guide for native communities to win back land rights. “I believe I can go...

John Korty honored in Brooklyn retrospective

A screening of renowned local filmmaker John Korty’s work will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City next week. Co-presented by the Cinema Conservancy, the program, called “Fog City Maverick: The Films of John Korty,” represents a retrospective of Mr. Korty’s filmography, which has spanned...

Marin vultures poisoned by euthanized carcasses

After turkey vultures were found poisoned by euthanasia in recent months throughout Marin County, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging residents to properly dispose of euthanized animals. The vultures were found comatose, mostly in central Marin but as far west as Fairfax, and lab results indicated poisoning...

Men suspected of poaching elk antlers in seashore

Two men allegedly poaching tule elk antlers from the Point Reyes National Seashore were cited by rangers last Wednesday for federal offenses that could land them in prison. The men, whose names the National Park Service has not released, took antlers from Tomales Point, where there is a fenced elk...

Shoreline will avoid laying off new hires

Shoreline Unified School District will not have to lay off teachers at the end of this school year thanks to the acceptance by five teachers of a retirement incentives package. The move, part of the district’s effort to dodge insolvency, will save several of the district’s newest, youngest hires from...

vaccine clinic attracts four

Only four people—two students and two staffers from the Lagunitas School District—received measles vaccines at a free clinic held at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center last Thursday. County health officials nevertheless hailed the clinic, which was also open to other valley residents, as an opportunity to practice a quick-response...

Series will investigate Marin’s so-called breast cancer cluster

For years there have been widely publicized stories about a mysterious cluster of high breast cancer rates for white women in Marin County. An investigation now underway by investigative reporter Peter Byrne for publication in the Point Reyes Light is finding reams of evidence that the incidence rate for white...


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