Playwright and director will converse for KWMR

Jane Anderson, a playwright, screenwriter and part-time Nicasio resident for about two decades, read the Pulitzer prize-winning book Olive Kitteridge years ago for pleasure. She was drawn into the often-strained relationship between the cantankerous Olive and her optimistic husband, Henry, because it reminded her of her own parents’ marriage. “My...

Point Reyes Station’s living seed bank

Husband-and-wife team Matthew and Astrid Hoffman are seed farmers and distributors who live in a large house with bright blue siding that sits across the street from Marin Sun Farms in Point...

Edition Local brings story to buyers

Willis Bigelow began making bags two years ago, when he was still living in Brooklyn and wanted to fashion panniers to attach to his bike for a long trip. Since then, he has gotten serious about supporting himself financially with his leather and waxed canvas bags, and a website known...

Court favors county in SPAWN suit

The Salmon Protection and Watershed Network lost an attempt to re-establish an injunction on development in the San Geronimo Valley after a judge ruled against the nonprofit last week. SPAWN says it could pursue additional legal action if the county approves developments in the watershed before undertaking a court-ordered environmental...

Hidden Dragon plagued by four issues

Spurred by close scrutiny and virulent opposition to almost 9,000 square feet of proposed new development on the site of a dilapidated monastery in Inverness Park, Tim Westergren, the owner of the music streaming service Pandora, is pursuing further studies to submit to county planners to prove his project’s merit...

Stinson Beach will vote on flood tax in March

Stinson Beach will hold a special election on March 3 to vote on a parcel tax that will pay for future flood control projects. The measure calls for 707 developed parcels to be taxed at $250 a year, and 146 undeveloped parcels at $50 a year, over 20 years for...

Supes consider limiting large buses on some roads

Marin County Supervisors on Tuesday voted to hold a merit hearing for a proposed ordinance that will ban larger-sized vehicles on certain county roads. Under the ordinance, vehicles longer than 36 feet will be prohibited from driving on some roads. The ordinance responds to complaints from Muir Beach residents who...

Ocean lawyer buys Smiley’s Schooner

A buoyant 36-year-old environmental lawyer from San Francisco might not sound like someone interested in buying a bar a little rough around the edges in a town known for its skepticism of outsiders. But Leila Monroe is poised to finalize the purchase of Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, one of the oldest continuously running bars in the state, at the outset of 2015. (The deal is currently in escrow, though...

Park service 
plans septic 
overhaul at 
Stinson Beach

The National Park Service is moving forward with a plan to overhaul its wastewater treatment facility at Stinson Beach, where septic tank leaks have long been suspected to pollute groundwater. The septic system services public bathrooms and showers for park employees and hundreds of thousands of beachgoers. Though the park says it is pursuing the project according a schedule of periodic rehabilitations through...

Through pictures and scat, tracking Marin river otters

While walking around Whitehouse Pool on Sunday morning, Megan Isadore slowed her gait as she passed by some feces, mentally checking whether it came from a river otter. (It didn’t.) “I’m always looking for scat. I’m always looking at scat,” she laughed. For Ms. Isadore, the executive director of the River Otter Ecology Project, based out of her home in Forest Knolls, collecting scat is a crucial part of the...


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