Peace and love activists raise funds for video series

The first video in a series about activists Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell opens with Ms. Sheehan lying prone in a casket. “Welcome. Welcome to my life,” she says. The box, made a decade ago for a faux wake before Ms. Sheehan underwent dangerous heart surgery, seemed an appropriate way...

At school in the seashore

During a three-day field trip last week for West Marin School’s middle schoolers, seashore ranger John Eleby taught 41 students how to drive stakes into the ground and later asked what they should bring on long hikes. (“Chocolate!” one kid cried out.) The lesson in the great outdoors was funded by a National Park Foundation grant to the Point Reyes National Seashore Association’s Youth Ambassador’s program, said P.R.N.S.A. development director Donna Faure. The program is a boon for the kids, who have seen cuts to field trips during the school’s budget crisis. After Mr. Eleby’s lesson...

Anna Konatich, matriarch of Tony’s, dies at 92

Anna Konatich, the vivacious, religious and hard-working Croatian matriarch of Tony’s Seafood Restaurant in Marshall, died on Oct. 30. She was 92 years old. Born on the tiny island of Iz on Feb. 15, 1922, Anna lived in Marshall since 1948. Her home was next door to the family’s bayfront...

Huffman bill would force Coast Guard to sale to county

Congressman Jared Huffman introduced legislation in Congress on Wednesday that would require the Coast Guard to sell its housing complex in Point Reyes Station to Marin County within one year of the bill’s passage, with a mandate that the county use it for affordable housing. The Coast Guard would have...

Drought decimated new coho in tributaries, but Lagunitas count high

Recent counts of juvenile coho salmon in Devil’s Gulch and San Geronimo Creeks found essentially no “young of year” coho, fish that would have hatched from eggs laid last winter. The dearth is likely the result of extreme drought, said Marin Municipal Water District fisheries scientist Greg Andrews. Coho typically...

Bolinas pianist Bill Quist fundraises for albums

Bill Quist is a trained classical pianist, but at a fundraiser on Tuesday for a forthcoming release of two CDs, one attendee described his songs as “intergalactic.” The samples played for the small crowd gathered at a downtown inn were from improvisations he recorded on synthesizer; one was reminiscent of the depths of the sea (“Whale Tears”), another of spirits in the ether (“Angel Choir”). Many travel the world, too: in one piece, the keys sound like an human voice singing among birdsong in the jungle...

MALT buys Borello Ranch

The Marin Agricultural Land Trust purchased the 864-acre Borello Ranch from a developer this week, under an agreement to lease the Marshall property to two local ranchers who will buy it from the nonprofit within four years. MALT has rechristened the land Millerton Creek Ranch, named for the creek that...

Park reopens public 
comment on ranch plan

In an unusual step during an environmental assessment process, the Point Reyes National Seashore will hold two community workshops this month to draw more local input for its first ranching management plan, and open up another week-long public comment period. After a six-week public scoping period this summer, the park...

State’s draft pesticide program raises consumer questions

Agriculture is a vibrant industry in California. Over 80,500 farms and ranches in the state grow over 400 crops, see revenues totaling $44.7 billion a year and collectively generate upwards of $100 billion in related businesses. Many crops are exported; almonds are the top commodity, followed by dairy products, wine,...

Ravens likely feasted on snowy plovers’ young

Western snowy plovers, a threatened shorebird whose population the Point Reyes National Seashore has spent years trying to foster on sands from North Beach to Abbotts Lagoon, suffered a high rate of nest failure this year. Thirty of 45 nests that cradled eggs either never hatched, or produced chicks that...


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