West Marin stumps treated with herbicide

Lifelong arborist Tom Kent for months has suspected that an herbicide was sprayed on a douglas fir stump in Inverness Park. The faded grey-and-red circle ringing the stump was not a natural feature, he surmised, but instead...

Stress key in substance abuse, youth panelists say

Why do kids use drugs and alcohol? The reflexive answer from many adults is peer pressure, but according to a forum last week that included a panel of Marin teens and a local author who wrote about his family’s struggles with...

County will consider one West Marin marijuana dispensary

Up to three medical marijuana dispensaries could be approved in the unincorporated areas of Marin County under the rules of a proposed ordinance that will be the subject of a public workshop next month. A draft of the ordinance stipulates that only one dispensary would be allowed in each of...

School district will tax new construction

A mandatory fee for new real estate development within Shoreline Unified School District passed last week, when the district’s board voted unanimously to charge $3.36 for each square foot of residential development and $0.54 for commercial development. The monies raised will go into a fund restricted to maintenance projects for...

Marshall Store break-in

Around $5,000 was stolen from the Marshall Store over the weekend, a burglary law enforcement has described as “unusual.” Just after 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, an employee arrived at the store to find the bolt cut off the front door and, once inside, discovered that both the point of...

Amid student opt-outs, trustees blast testing

Standardized testing offers no significant benefit for student education, the trustees of the Lagunitas School District have declared. Last week, trustees unanimously passed a resolution that cites numerous drawbacks to state-mandated evaluations, from student stress to administrative costs, making a statement they hope will clarify the district’s stance on standardized...

Coast Guard bill passes House

The effort to turn 36 townhouses into affordable housing in Point Reyes Station cleared a hurdle this week when the House of Representatives passed the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015, which includes a provision requiring the head of the Coast Guard—the property’s owner—to first offer to sell the 30-acre...

Mosquito tax fails on weighted system

A vote on an assessment tax proposed by the lone district in charge of wrangling mosquito populations in West Marin—the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District—failed last week by a very narrow margin. The district was aiming to raise around $3.5 million, over half of which would have gone into...

Tomales drops 
Shoreline sewer bill

In a move that ends a minor, months-long dispute, the Tomales Village Community Services District’s board voted unanimously to drop a bill for new depreciation costs that it previously charged to its largest client, Shoreline Unified School District. The school district has been wary to accrue additional costs in light...

Romo to helm Papermill Creek preschool

Lourdes Romo, a family advocate at West Marin School who has devoted herself to a host of local organizations, was recently named the new executive director of Papermill Creek Children’s Corner. The preschool, which currently serves roughly 15 or 20 students, has struggled in recent years to retain a director...


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