Agriculture hit record high in 2013

The gross value of agricultural production in Marin reached $84 million last year, its highest level ever and about $4 million more than in 2012, according to the county’s crop report released on Tuesday. Milk, which is the biggest commodity and accounts for 40 percent of the gross value, decreased...

Woodacre mail box exploded

An early morning explosion that wrecked a post office collection box in Woodacre, perhaps as a graduation prank gone awry, has launched a full federal investigation and up to a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Neighbors reported hearing four or five loud bangs around 3:30...

Nicasio alpaca ranch first in county

Twelve alpacas arrived at a Nicasio ranch on Monday afternoon, galloping out of a trailer to survey their new home, their long necks seeming to offer prime views of inland Marin. The ranch, which sells alpacas to breeders and fleece to fiber mills and artisans, is the first commercial alpaca business in the county. Fourteen females will arrive soon to join the 12 stud males that were brought in this week, said Sandra Wallace, who owns the ranch with her husband...

Farmers’ market wine bill attacked

A contemporary reincarnation of the Anti-Saloon League is trying to woo legislators into opposing Assemblymember Marc Levine’s bill to allow wine and cider tastings at farmers’ markets. “‘Kids, you go on a pony ride while I taste the chardonnay’ is what you might hear a parent say at your local...

Shoreline drafts first wellness policy

An advisory committee for Shoreline Unified School District is expanding the focus of education beyond what can be taught in a classroom to broader lessons about nutritional eating, physical education and mental well-being. At the May board meeting, trustees unanimously approved new student wellness policies, a 12-page document that has...

Dave Whitney rings in new music academy at West Marin School

A school community’s dream of a music program for all its students will become a reality next year after parents united in support and administrators tinkered with the budget to find the necessary funds. David Whitney will teach music full-time at West Marin School at no additional cost. Come August,...

Shoreline on cusp of budget crisis

The Shoreline Unified School District will be insolvent within three years unless it can drastically cut expenses, according to early drafts of the budget. Next year’s costs will outpace revenue by $1.2 million, or 10.5 percent of total funds, gradually emptying millions of dollars saved up in reserves by the...

Seashore ranchers make case for workable future

The Point Reyes Seashore Ranchers Association delivered a dense 32-page public comment letter to the park this week, outlining its collective vision of the future of agriculture in the seashore that includes more public education on ranching, uniform treatment of ranchers and the removal of tule elk from the pastoral...

Clean water at Muir Beach following creek restoration

Muir Beach’s water quality has significantly improved over the past eight years, the San Francisco Bay Water Quality Control Board declared last month when it removed the beach from a list of water bodies impaired by bacteria. National Park Service spokespeople say the improvement was likely linked to the recent...


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