Bolinas and Stinson’s new Presbyterian voice

Sharon Latour was walking down her street in Montgomery, Alabama in 2001 when she came upon a tiny clapboard Presbyterian church. She had already realized that her conservative Methodist church no longer fit, and she went inside and found a female pastor steeped in liberation theology. The next few years...

SPAWN wins over $650,000 in legal fee battle with county

A Marin County judge last Friday awarded $652,544 in legal fees to attorneys representing the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network, for litigation dating back to 2007 that forced the county to reevaluate how it regulates future development in the San Geronimo Valley. Superior Court Judge Paul Haakenson set the amount...

Without crab for fundraiser, preschool loses thousands

As the delay of the recreational and commercial crab season opening continues to hammer the fishing industry, Shoreline Acres Preschool in Tomales also felt the blow last Saturday: it took in thousands of dollars less than usual at its annual crab feed fundraiser, which is the main source of funding...

House of Reps tightens Coast Guard bill

The House of Representatives approved updated legislation last week that forces a sale of the 30-acre Coast Guard housing complex in Point Reyes Station to Marin County, Rep. Jared Huffman announced Friday. The updated legislation, a rider to the broader Coast Guard Reauthorization Act, includes stronger language in support of...

Dillon store burglarized

The General Store in Dillon Beach was burglarized last Wednesday night, resulting in the loss of $2,300 in cash pilfered from a safe that was pried open with “some sort of tool,” according to Sergeant Mark Hale of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. Sergeant Hale offered few details about the...

Foes of mosquito pesticide get short fix

Opponents of a pesticide known as methoprene scored a small victory last Wednesday after the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District voted unanimously to approve a six-month extension of an agreement that keeps methoprene out of West Marin. The agreement was set to end on Jan. 1, 2016, and has...

Supes take note of housing woes

Pleas from locals and displaced community members to tackle short-term rentals in West Marin appeared to strike a chord with county supervisors at a workshop on affordable housing Tuesday night. “I agree that we need to look at short-term rentals…It was very interesting to learn what a big issue that...

More floodplain to help fish

Huge piles of redwood logs will divert waters in Lagunitas Creek, once Marin Municipal Water District completes a project simultaneously aimed at creating winter fish habitat and storing harmful sediment. The project targets five sites located on federal parkland between Jewell and Nicasio Creek, where a lack of side channels...

‘Foot people’ upset after bikers get more valley trail access

Mountain bikers and self-described “foot people” have clashed in recent months over how much access bikers should have to trails on Marin County’s Open Space Preserves. The most recent dispute followed a county workshop in Lagunitas in October, where open space staff solicited input on how to designate usage of...


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