Herbs for shade

When we think of herbs, we usually think of Mediterranean-type plants like rosemary and oregano, which require sunny, dry conditions. Yet many savory and aromatic herbs can be grown in shade and partial shade in most soils. There is a vigorous herb for every place. Sweet woodruff ( Galium odoratum...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 15, 2015

IN HONOR OF LOCAL HISTORIAN, JACK MASON — BORN AUGUST 11,1911 AND PASSED JANUARY 12, 1985 “Thirty years ago this week West Marin’s longtime historian died at his Inverness home, The Gables. Jack Mason’s childhood ties to the area inspired him to devote his retirement years to documenting the history...

Art Rogers Family Album, December 24, 2014

LAILAVATI ANNALIESE GONELLA, THE CHRISTMAS EVE BABY — BORN DECEMBER 24, 2013 Daughter of Annais Marcoux Gonella and Oreste Gonella of Petaluma. First Granddaughter of Laura and Rod Marcoux of Point Reyes Station and Sabrina and Victor Gonella of Petaluma. Great Grandaughter of Else Gonella of Petaluma and Verna Preausean of Guerneville.

Animating Grace Paley

Last Sunday, Steve Costa stood in the rain, guiding cars into the parking lot of the Presbyterian church with a patient, bemused air. “Now I can add parking attendant to my resume,” he cracked as he embraced a guest. Behind him, a large Monterey pine had crashed through the fence,...

Bolinas-Stinson Youth Group gives thanks

We are the Bolinas-Stinson Youth Group. We are middle school and high school-age youth who live in Bolinas and Stinson Beach, and we meet every Monday afternoon in Stinson. Young people get off the bus and gather at the park to share what we are thankful for, enjoy soft-serve ice...

A vegetarian’s defense of beef

Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production. By Nicolette Hahn Niman. 288 pages. Chelsea Green. $19.95. Beef is the most maligned of meats. It’s so regularly demonized as an environmental harm and a health hazard that its negatives are assumed to be common knowledge. Red meat reminds us of...

Drifting in Lake Valley Reservoir

The canoe had languished by the pond for three years—ever since Rodger had died—because Caroline didn’t know how to tie it onto the truck. She used it only occasionally to shoo the wild geese off the pond, when too many of them came around at once and she didn’t want...