Dick Fine, a pioneering doctor who loved the bay, dies at 75

Dick Fine, a lifelong San Francisco doctor who advocated for underserved patients and found respite sailing on Tomales Bay, died last month at age 75. “He could work within the system to find the solutions, or buck the system when it wasn’t allowing him to do the right thing,” said...

How to go feral

Sometimes I make a shift when I head out for a walk, just after starting out. I call it “going feral.” It doesn’t take much, just a slight lean in a certain direction, a quick thought, a glance around. It can be a few steps down a trail, or a...

Gratitude for the wild and cultivated

The world has enough beautiful mountains and meadows, spectacular skies and serene lakes. It has enough lush forests, flowered fields, and sandy beaches. It has plenty of stars and the promise of a new sunrise and sunset every day. What the world needs more of is people to appreciate and...

The surprising benefits of prunes

Prunes have had a bad image as an unpalatable, medicinal food for the elderly and at best are seen as a natural laxative. But prunes—increasingly referred to as dried plums to boost their appeal—can provide a number of benefits to our health, according to recent studies, potentially reducing the likelihood...

Delicious wines from local men

It’s unusual for West Marin to have a debut tasting of top wines made by West Marin winemakers, but that is exactly what happened last Saturday night at Gather in Inverness Park. Wine lovers tasted a quartet of unusually delicious, offbeat wines made by Brian Ojalvo of Bolinas and John...

Art Rogers Family Album, December 10, 2015

OTIS VINCENT MANSON — BORN JUNE 13, 2014 Son of Vanessa Waring and Jeffrey Manson of Bolinas Grandson of Virginia and Dennis Waring of Fresno and Julie and Bo Manson of Ojai

Photographer Marty Knapp captures invisible light in new exhibit

I stopped into Marty Knapp’s gallery on the main street of Point Reyes Station recently to see his exhibition of new photographs, created in the past year. Marty’s iconic black and white landscapes of West Marin have been favorites among visitors and collectors for nearly 30 years. But this new...

Art Rogers Family Album, December 3, 2015

THE NICASIO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT LADIES AUXILIARY PRESENTS A CHECK FOR $12,000 TO THE NICASIO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT. The Nicasio Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was incorporated in 1959 as an association of women (fondly known as “The Ladies”) who provided assistance (and sandwiches!) to firefighters and neighbors when the...

Great horned owls: Ubiquitous hunters

Great horned owls are the most common owl in the Americas, populating the icy north of Canada, the southern tip of Argentina and nearly everywhere in-between. They are equally at home in suburbia and remote woodlands. Even so, they are much more likely to be heard than seen. Their distinctive...