A Point Reyes egg

Fifteen dozen oval wonders, staples of the culinary world, set out one morning from Point Reyes, headed to the late, great Bubba’s Diner, then located in downtown San Anselmo. It was mid-morning and the place was packed, and as the only entrance was the front door, everyone took notice. The...

Your gardening tool box

January is not the easiest month in which to garden in West Marin. It’s cold and often wet. It is not a time for planting as much as for garden maintenance and pruning; for these chores, it is useful to have a stash of reliable tools to make your work...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 14, 2016

THE STAFF OF THE POINT REYES LIGHT UNDER THE OWNERSHIP OF MIKE GAHAGAN — DECEMBER 1974 Pictured from the left are Judy Oliver, P.D. the cat, Jack Mason, Harry Martin, Michael Gahagan, Lee Sims, Art Rogers, Yogi the dog and Elizabeth Whitney. An exhibit of more than 60 photographs by...


It’s winter, and you know what that means: Mexico! There’s no better way to stay ahead of those winter blues than to just head south...

Woodacre artist who sang like Johnny Cash dies at 78

Woodacre artist and musician Marcus Uzilevsky, who often went by the name Rusty Evans in his long and varied musical career, died on Dec. 5 at 78 years old. Marcus, an optimistic man with a contagious laugh and a resonant voice, spanned multiple styles: from country and rockabilly to psychedelic and spiritual music, from collage to pointillist-style landscapes. “He was a true Renaissance man, interested in all the arts,” said his daughter, Boni. She added: “He was a curious man. That sticks out to me—he’s unusual because he was so curious about things. Most people don’t remain that curious as they age, but my dad, his curiosity never waned. It seemed to grow greater.”...

Burrowing owls

Burrowing owls can be found through much of the western United States, Mexico and Central America and many parts of South America. True to their name, they occupy holes in the ground...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 7, 2016

ELIJA JOSEPH DOWNS GIACOMINI — BORN MAY 17, 2014 Son of Jody Giacomini of Novato and Billy Downs of Burney, California Grandson of Sheelah and Toby Giacomini, Jr. of Petaluma and Great Grandson of the late Vet and Toby, Sr. of Point Reyes Station.

GT Premium

STINSON BEACH : At 2:15 p.m. a woman said a man with a “spattering” of silver hair had nearly hit her while she was climbing into her car; she had flipped him off and then he had returned and said he should have run her over. — Jan. 8, 2015...

Images from life

Those who subscribe to fashion’s monolithic reduction of beauty and vitality to a uniform size and shape might find Marna Clarke’s striking and moving exhibition and book, “Time As We Know It, “ an opportunity to grow beyond the narrow circumscriptions of taste. Artists have long pushed the edge of...

Earthy science

Libby Porzig paces 19 meters—19 of her long strides—from the center point of a study site seemingly located in heaven. From this grassy ridge, high above the Russian River mouth, the winter sunlit view is phenomenal, and Libby sings out “gor-geous” as she reaches her destination. She sets down a...