Wade Holland: Reflecting on a West Marin career

The year 2017 will have a momentous start for Inverness resident Wade Holland. In January he expects to walk out of his oculist’s office with a new prosthetic right eyeball—the result of a tumor he had three years ago—and in March he’ll turn 81. And in February, he’ll step down...

Going out of business

To the employees and trustees of most institutions and organizations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, the phrase “going out of business” has an ominous, moribund tone to it, kind of like hearing that a friend is terminally ill. But sometimes going out of business is a good idea and the right...

Chanterelle paté

In the winter months, the promise of finding wild mushrooms is one of a few things I can use to trick myself into leaving my warm home. When I see a patch of gold peeking out from the duff, my “seasonal disorder” is all but forgotten. In this recipe, robust...

Art Rogers Family Album, December 29, 2016

Baby of the Month NOLAN JAXON CANNING — BORN SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 Son of Mesa Nordbye and Doug Canning of San Quentin Village. Grandson of Bobbi Loeb of Point Reyes Station and Terry Nordbye and Catherine Caufield of Inverness

Art Rogers Family Album, December 15, 2016

Great Moments in West Marin History NORMAN MASONSON DIRECTS THE NINTH ANNUAL MESSIAH SING-ALONG, NOW IN ITS 38TH YEAR, AT THE DANCE PALACE IN THE OLD EMPORIUM BUILDING — DECEMBER 1987 “The Messiah Sing-Along is one of my favorite holiday events. I have sung in each one since it began...

Russell Chatham: In defense of difficulty

When I met him for this interview, Russell Chatham—painter, printmaker, author, fisherman and restauranteur—gave me a short piece he wrote titled, “Advice for a Young Artist,” which recommends that aspiring artists reject institutions, especially those that claim to teach or promote art. It also urges artists to remember “that you...

La Libertà delves into biography through melody

By the time the music began inside Yoga Toes Studio, there wasn’t a spare cushion left on the floor. All the chairs and seats were directed toward the four women gathered in the middle of the long, wood-lined room, and the band cast a spell of calm that swayed through...

Marty Knapp: Through a looking glass lightly

When he was very young, Marty Knapp cooled off on hot Connecticut summer nights by lying in his yard and gazing at the sky through toy binoculars. Six decades later, the photographer is at it again, this time looking through a viewfinder to capture striking black and white photographs that...

Laura Watt on the Point Reyes National Seashore, its creation and controversies

Laura Watt had a troubling experience after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California, Berkeley. She was working for a friend’s firm that was drafting an environmental review of a proposed golf course. The land needed to be surveyed for the San Francisco garter snake,...